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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 8, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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good morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon x6(et+y >> i'm marla tellez. crews are working hard to put out a fire at a lumberyard south of san jose. bob riddell has the latest information for us. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. for a second time in bl a year the pedula lumberyard just north of bailey has burned. the first time was minor. this time this morning much bigger, and before it was put out it was much more destructive. this is what it looked like from the sky this morning. a large plume of smoke that
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could be seen all over the coyote creek valley. it was not the actual lumber that went up. much of that was saved. instead it was old buildings that lit. the fire destroyed two structures, damaged a historic bunk house from the 1800s and all set a large barn on fire next door. the owner of the lumberyard was on site at the time inside his office when he tells us around 7:45 this morning he heard some large noises. >> i thought somebody behind me a tree had fallen or limb bray branch fallen and had shook a building, and then i heard a small boom, and then a large boom, and then by the time i came out the back building was all engulfed in flames. i got out what i could, and my computer and a few other things that i could grab, and by then -- i called 911 right away, of course, but then that's all i could get out. >> that fire eventually consumed his office. he still doesn't know the cause, but he isn't surprise thad it
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went up so fast. essential the building was built in the 1950s. this small town of coyote south of san jose does not have much in the way of fire hydranted, which firefighters did know in advance. hence, the need to bring in water tenders to fill portable pools from which the hoses could draw that h2o, and could you see the yellow pools in the background as you look down the roadway here and to the right. you can still see a lot of the smoke. again, this fire is definitely contained, and they might even say it's controlled. it's not going spread anymore. right now what they're doing is they're trooit trying to lift up debris and trying to air rate it and get this thing officially out. again, no one was hurt. just a few structures destroyed here at a massive fire in coyote. reporting live here in coyote, bob riddell, nbc bay area news. >> okay, bob. thank you very much. right now we're going to update you on a sad and heartbreaking story. we have new details about the death of a baby in san francisco. bay area investigators right now calling this one suspicious. nbc bay area's christy smith live on the scene right now with
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what police are telling her. christy, good morning. >> good morning to you. a really sad story out of san francisco this morning. a little boy brought to the hospital. a baby boy where he was pronounced dead. i just heard from san francisco police that what they're telling me is that at this point they're still investigating this as a suspicious death. no one being detained. no charges being filed. this is a joint investigation between san francisco police and the medical examiner's office on the death of a 7-month-old baby boy. this morning police secured the baby was before he was brought to the ÷úhospit. that home on monterey boulevard near 280 where neighbors tell me that a family had just moved in about two months ago. police say around 12:30 this morning the mother brought the baby to sf general hospital where he died. the medical examiner quickly determined that this may be a suspicious death. they called in san francisco police. homicide investigators have been speaking with the baby's parents, and those who knew the baby.
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>> when there's a young child, especially an infant, that dies, it raises a red flag. it's nothing sort of obvious. particularly young people and children are pretty resilient, so you have suspicions, and we just have to make sure that there's nothing criminal. >> they say it also could very well be accidental. police took a car from the lot sf general. apparently that's just to make sure if there were any foot something criminal here, they would have all the evidence possible that they might need and, again, still this is considered a very suspicious and sad death. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the search is for the alleged mastermind of a major drug ring in east san jose. santa clara county deputies say this man you see right here, 22-year-old jose alonzo jiminez ran the drug ring operation out of his home near story and white
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rose. detectives seized all this money. $825,000 in cash, two loaded handguns, and almost 30 pounds of crystal meth, cocaine, and heroin from inside the home on friday. investigators say one man was arrested, but jiminez was not at home at the time of the raid. we're now looking into whether the operation was connected to one of the mexican drug cartels. the street value of all the drugs is estimated to be $1.5 million. a former hey washed police officer in court today facing charges of extortion. police arresting romero after a woman came forward saying he questioned her about possible forged prescriptions and then adding allegedly demanded money from her. he grew up in hayward, and he just handed in his resignation monday. the police say her department has a zero tolerance police policy for corruption. >> pg&e is expected in court on the peninsula today after a natural gas pipeline shut down
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due to safety concerns. that pipeline is known as line 147 and it runs along britain avenue between highway 101 and 280 in san charl carlos. a city leader there in san carlos says the utility plans to ask a judge to reverse friday's court order requiring pg&e to shut down the line. the city leaders requested the shutdown citing an internal e-mail from a pg&e engineer who raised concerns about safety.1"ñ the e-mail asked "are we sitting on another san bruno?" the utility says line 147 is safe, but the city manager in san carlos is hoping the utility will have to provide proof before it is allowed to operate that line again. >> the scene of an overnight fire in the south bay could lead to a criminal investigation. fire officials now saying this one could be a drug house. the fire started just before 9:00 last night in the basement of a home near seventh street and st. james. this is in downtown san jose. firefighters had those flames under control very quickly, and
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they say illegal wiring in that basement actually caused the fire. other items suggesting illegal activity were found boarded7sñ in that basement. no other homes, we're happy to report, were damaged. police in san jose, they say a "drowsy driver" drove right into the side of an apartment building in the cambria neighborhood. this happened early this morning. they say that driver did fall asleep behind the wheel on camden avenue near hillsdale. that truck that he was driving slammed into another car before hitting the gas meter there and eventually the side of that apartment building. amazingly, despite hitting that gas meter, nobody was hurt. salmonella outbreak linked raw foster farms chicken is prompting a public health alert by the usda, and this has several of our viewers calling our newsroom to tell us they've actually purchased the potentially contaminated chicken, so now is the time to check yours. if you have foster farms products in your refrigerator right now, look at that packaging, and if it is marked one of these combinations, your
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best bet is to return it or simply throw it away. the combinations are on the bottom of your screen. they are p6137, p6137a, and 37632. now, our viewers say they purchased their chicken at costco, lucky's, and safeway stores here in the bay area. now, we have listed all this information on our website just in case you missed it. you can log on any time, just search foster farms. an estimated 278 illnesses have been a reported in 18 sta. most of those sickened are in california. we talked to the california department of health and the spokesperson tells us about 200 cases have been reported here. in the meantime, the foster farms website says its chicken is safe to consume if properly handled and fully cooked. now, fully cooked means poultry reaches 165 degrees inside, so if you're not quite sure, it does not hurt to grab that thermometer and make sure your chicken reaches that 155 degrees
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mark. >> two key things to take away from that story. caution and commonsense. all right, former president jimmy carter and his wife, roz lynned now getting their hands very dirty on a good cause at a construction site in san jose. they are!u in town celebrating years of working with habitat for humanity. the former first couple, also experts with those tools out there, and the concept of providing low income housing. they were joined by country singers garth brooks and trisha yearwood. they had a little revitalization project at the lake congress ham quite the group out there. getting it done. the couple kicked off their bay area visit just yesterday with a full day of construction work taking place in east oakland. nicely done. still to come, the oldest full-time national park ranger is from the bay area. she's not happy with the government shutdown. we'll have her story right after the break. also, the green and gold now one win away from the next round of playoffs. the a's getting it done.
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watched by the umpires. did you know kids often don't wake up to smoke6!3 detectors? we have possible solutions coming up in business and tech. >> that's a scary thought. good morning. we've got a gorgeous day shaping up, and then changes just around the corner. still counting on some showers. you might be surprised where we're expecting those. your full forecast when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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well, welcome back. we are giving you a live look at the podium there. you can see that we are awaiting the president's comments about the government shutdown. we now go to natalie morales. >> president obama is about to make a statement from the white house briefing room and take questions about the government shut don now in its eighth day. now just over atm week away, earlier today we than the president did speak with house speaker john boehner once again on the phone. he pushed for a vote without conditions while the speaker pushed for negotiations. take a listen at what boehner
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had to say earlier today. >> i want to have a conversation. i'm not drawing any lines in the sand. it's time for us to sit down and resolve our differences. >> our chief white house correspondent chuck todd is in the briefing room. we do expect the president there any moment. chuck, it sounds like there are a lot of phone calls being placed, but is there any real negotiation actually happening right now, or are we still at an impasse? >> we are still at an impasse, but it seems as if they're getting closer in this respect. both sides say they want to talk. the question is does the conversation start after the government is reopened and after the debt ceiling is lifted for a temporary period of time, or does it happen before then? the president has drawn his line in the sand. he is not going to start negotiating until after the shutdown ends and after the debt ceiling. of course, it's going to be a lot of questions here today. we expect questions about health care, but also the story, of course that, we've been following very closely, the fact that the shutdown's latest victims and that is the families of military members who have been killed and didn't get their death benefits because of the way this shutdown works, so
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there's a lot of questions the president is going to be peppered with today, and we expect him to be commenting on a lot of them, but the specific point that the white house wants to make today, natalie, is on this issue of what their stance is and what they're willing to give when it comes to opening up the government and raising that >> and, chuck, you talked about the family members of the military service members not receiving their death benefits. we learned since it is 17 service members and their families who have not received the benefit, so a lot of anger boiling over at this point. here's the president walking in now, and let's listen in. >> good afternoon, everybody. i'm eager to take your questions, so i'll try to be brief at the top. this morning i had a chance to speak with speaker boehner, and i told him what i have been saying publicly. that i am happy to talk with him and other republicans about anything. not just issues ihdb think are important, but also issues that they think are important. but i also told him that having
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such a conversation, talks, negotiations, shouldn't require hanging the threats of a government shutdown or economic chaos over the heads of the american people. think about it this way. the memp people do not get to demand a ransom for doing their jobs. your bank and say i'm not going to throw in my mortgage this month unless you throw in a new car and xbox. if are you in negotiations of buying somebody's house, you say let's talk about the price i'm going to pay, and if you don't give me the price, i'm going to burn down your house. that's not how negotiations work. that's not how it happens in business. it's not how it happens in private life. the house republicans in particular don't get to demand ransom in exchange for doing their jobs. two of the basic jobs are
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passing a budget and making sure that america is paying their bills. they don't also get to say, you know, unless you get me what the voters rejected in the last election, i'm going to cause a recession. that's not how it works. no american president would deal with a foreign leader like this. most of you would not deal with either co-workers or business associates in this fashion, and we be dealing this way here in washington. i've heard republicans suggest that, well, now this is reasonable. this is entirely appropriate. imagine if a democratic congress threatened to crash the global economy unless a republican president agreed to gun background checks or immigration reform. i think it's fair to say that republicans would not think that was appropriate. so let's lift these threats from our families and our businesses
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and bess down to work. it's not like this is a new position that i'm taking here. i asked speaker boehner and other leaders in just last week either my chief of staff or i have had serious conversations about the budget with republicans more than 20 times since march. we've been talking all kinds of business. what we haven't been able to get are serious positions from the republicans that would allow us to actually resolve some core differences. they have decided to run up the clock until there's a government shutdown for the possibility of default thinking that it would give them more leverage. that's not my characterization. ey said it themselves. that was their strategy from the start. that is not how our government is supposed to run. it's not just me, by the way, who has taken the position
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that -- senate democrats have asked to sit down with house republicans and hash out a budget, but have been rejected by the house republicans 19 times. at the beginning of this year speaker boehner says what we want is regular order and a serious budget process. the senate should pass a bill, and the house should pass a bill, and then a committee comes together, and they hash out their differences, and they send a bill to the president.xñ well, that's exactly what democrats did. except somewhere along the way house republicans decided they wouldn't appoint people to the committee to try to negotiate. 19 times they rejected that. even after all that, the democrats and the senate still pass a budget that effectively reflects republican priorities and republican budget levels just to keep the government
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open. and the house republicans couldn't do that either. the point is, i think, not only the white house, but also democrats in the senate and house will show more than ample willingness to talk about any issues that the republicans are concerned about. but we can't do it if the entire basis of the republican strategy is we're going to shut down the government or cause economic chaos if we don't get 100% of what we want. my suggestion to the speaker has been and will continue to be let's stop the excuse, let's take a vote in the house, let's end this shutdown right now. let's put people back to work. there are enough reasonable republicans and democrats in the house who are willing to vote yes on a budget that the senate has already passed.
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around every item in the budget. now, as soon as congress wants to reopen the government it's also got votes to meet our country's commitments, pay our bills, raise the debt ceiling because as reckless as a government shutdown is, the economic shutdown caused by america defaulting would be dramatically worse, and i want to talk about this for a minute because even though people can see and feel the effects of a government shutdown, here already experiencing it right now, there are still some people out there who don't believe that the fault is a real thing, and we've been hearing that from some republicans in congress that default would not be a big deal, so let me explain this. if congress refuses to raise what's called the debt ceiling, america would not be able to
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meet all of our final obligations for the first time in 225 years. and because it's called raising the debt ceiling, hi think a lot of americans think it's raising our debt. it is not raising our debt. this does not add a dime to our debt. it simply says you paid for what congress has already authorized america to purchase, whether that's the greatest military in the world or veterans benefits or social security. whatever it is that congress has already authorized, what this does is makes sure we can pay those bills. now, the last time that the tea party republicans flirted with the idea of default two years ago, markets plunged, business and consumer confidence plunged,
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america's credit rating was downgraded for the first time, and a decision to actually go through with it, to actually permit default according to many ceos and economists would be -- and i'm quoting here -- insane, catastrophic, chaos. these are some of the more polite words. warren buffett likened the default top a nuclear bomb, a it would undermine the world's confidence in america as the bedrock of the globalom> econo and it might permanently increase our borrowing costs, which, of course, ironically, would mean that it would be more expensive for us to service what debt we do have, and it would add to our deficits and our debt. not decrease them. there's nothing fiscally responsible about that. prevent this should be simple. as i said, raising the debt ceiling is a lousy name, which is why members of congress in both parties don't like to vote on it because it makes you
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vulnerable in political campaigns. but it does not increase our debt. it does not grow our deficit. it does not allow for a single dime of increased spending. all it does it s allow the treasury department to pay for what congress has already spent. but, as i said, it's always a tough vote. people don't like doing it. although it has been done 45 times since ronald reagan took office. nobody in the past has ever seriously threatened to breach the debt ceiling until the last two years. this is the credit worthiness of the united states that we're talking about. this is our word. this is our good name. this is real. the government shutdown millions of americans face inconvenience or outright hardship in an economic shutdown every american could see their 401ks and home values fall, borrowing costs for
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mortgages and student loans rise, and there would be a significant risk of a very deep recession at a time when we're still climbing our way out of the worst recession in our lifetimes. you know, the american people have already fought too hard and too long to come back from one crisis only to see a handful of more extreme republicans in the house of representatives precipitate another. now, the good news is over the past three and a half years our businesses create 7.5 million new jobs. our housing market is healing. we've cut the deficit in half since i took office. the deficit is coming down faster than any time in the last 50 years. america is poised to become the number one energy producer in the world this ye. this year for the first time in a very long time we're producing more oil than we're importing. we've got a lot of good things going for us, but the uncertainty caused by just one
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week of this nonsense so far has caused businesses to reconsider spending and hiring. we've seen consumer confidence plunge to the lowest level sense 2008. you've seen mortgages held up by thousands of home buyers who weren't sure about the economic situation out there. all this adds to our deficit. it doesn't subtract from it. so we can't afford these manufactured crisises every few months. as i said, this one isn't even about deficits or reductions. our deficit is falling at the fastest pace in 60 years. the budget that the senate passed is at republican spending levels. it's their budget. democrats were willing to put votes on just to make sure the government was open while negotiations took place for a longer-term budget. what has happened -- the way we got to this point is one thing and one thing only, and that was the republican obsession with
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dismantling the affordable care act and denying health care to millions of people. that law ironically is moving forward. most americans, democrats and republicans, agree that health care should not have anything to do with keeping our government open or paying our bills on time. this is why i will sit down and work anyone of any party not only to talk about the budget. i'll talk about ways to improve the health care system. i'll talk about ways that we can shrink our long-term deficits. i'll also want to talk about how we're going to help the middle class and strengthen early childhood education and improve our incenter fra structure and research and development. there are a whole bunch of things i want to talk about in terms of how we're going to make sure that everybody is getting a fair shake in this society, and that our economy is growing in a broad based way and building our middle class. by the way, if anybody doubts my sincerity about that, i have put
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forward proposals in my budget to reform entitlement programs for the long haul. and reform our tax code in a way that would close loopholes for the lowest rates for corporations and help us invest in new jobs and reduce our deficits. some of these were originally republican proposals. i don't believe any party has a monopoly on good ideas. i have shown myself willing to go more than halfway in these conversations. if reasonable republicans want to talk about these things again, i'm ready to head up to the hill and try. i'll even spring for dinner again. but i'm not going to do it until the more extreme parts of the republican party stop forcing john boehner to issue threats about our economy. we can't make extortion routine as part of our democracy. democracy doesn't function this way. this is not just for me.
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it's also for my -- in office. they shouldn't have to pay a ransom either for congress doing its basic job. we have to put a stop to it. last point i'll make. already this week i had to miss critical meetings in asia to promote american jobs and businesses, and although as long as we get this fixed, that's not long-term damage, whatever we do these things, it hurts our credibility around the world. it makes it look like we don't have our act together. that's not something we should want. the greatest nation on earth shouldn't have to get permission from a few irresponsible members of congress every few months just to keep our government open or to prevent an economic catastrophe. let's pass a budget. let's end this government shutdown. let's pay our bills. let's avert an economic shutdown. let's drop the gimmicks, put aside what's good for any
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particular party, and let's focus on what's good for the american people because they know we've got a lot of work to do. all right? with that, let me take a couple of questions, and i will start with julie case of a.p. >> does your offer to participate on health care and spending still stand in the intervening weeks? perhaps six weeks -- >> absolutely. i mean, what i have said is that i will talk about anything.
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>> i got clobbered in the last election -- that makesx>ñ it har for all those issues -- >> before we even start having a serious give and take i'll threat tony shut down the government or ikf" will threato not pay america's bills. you know, i will not eliminate


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